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Everything your body needs, nothing it doesn’t.

At Chiropractic House, we strive to provide the best care for your body, especially your spine. Our team consists of certified chiropractors, making sure you have a safe and pleasant chiropractic experience.

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This is a place for you to discover wellness one step at a time. Our desire is for you to leave our care in a better place than when you first came through the door. Our lovely team is always ready to listen and attend to your needs the best way we can because you deserve it.

Low Back Pain | 腰背痛
The pain can be localized around the lower back or pelvic region and may or may not be accompanied by symptoms in the legs and foot.
Neck Pain | 颈痛
Neck pain can be localized or accompanied by symptoms in the arms and hands.
Slipped Disc | 背间盘突出
Intervertebral discs that sit in between two spinal segments can slip out of its normal position, thus compressing the nerves around it leading to pain and numbness down the arms and legs.
Sciatica | 坐骨神经痛
Often accompanied by low back pain, sciatica happens when the sciatic nerve and its branches are irritated, causing pain or numbness in the legs.
Bone Spur | 骨刺
Bone spurs are a result of degenerative changes that happen in the spine and other joints of the body.
Headache/Migraine | 头痛/偏头痛
Headaches and migraines are common symptoms when the cervical (neck) region is losing its normal motion thus causing tension in the muscles of the neck and head.
Numbness in arms & legs | 手脚麻痹
Numbness in the arms and legs are often cause by nerve compression in the neck and lower back respectively.
Frozen Shoulder | 肩周炎
Also known as adhesive capsulitis, it is a condition that leads to pain and stiffness of the shoulder
Tennis / Golfer's Elbow | 网球肘/ 高尔夫球手肘
Usually caused by the inflammation of the tendons and muscles around the elbow region.
Knee pain | 膝盖疼痛
Common causes of pain can be due to wear and tear or a traumatic injury to the knee
Ankle Pain | 足踝疼痛
A common area of pain among people who are active in sports, usually due to sprains and strains.
Arthritis | 关节炎
Wear and tear that happens in most joints of the body.
Scoliosis | 脊柱侧弯
A curvature of the spine that usually starts around adolescence.

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Chiropractic Adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment is a high speed yet gentle thrust to a segment that is not moving properly. Chiropractic care improves and restores the communication between your brain and your body. If your brain can accurately perceive what is going on, it can control your body better.

Our chiropractor also utilizes other tools such as Activators, Thompson drops and kinesiology tapes when necessary.

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Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function through exercises, modalities, and education. It can compliment chiropractic adjustments as well.

Here at Chiropractic House, our physiotherapy sessions are conducted by experienced physiotherapists making sure you achieve your recovery goals the best way possible.

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Sports Massage

Sports massages are manual manipulations of muscle and soft tissue by a qualified professional with the purpose of reducing muscle soreness, muscle fatigue, improving flexibility, reduce muscular inflammation and improve the process of recovery post-workout.

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